Monday, March 11, 2013

The Beginning

So, here is how it all started. I get a call from my BEST cousin in the world. She needs to ask me if I know someone who is trying to add her on Facebook. She has a lot of mutual family friends with him. Do I know who in the sam hill it is? Unfortunately, I do not. We have not talked in ages it seems, and we begin to discuss the craziness of our lives as we know them. Those stories, my friends, are for future posts. "Frenchy" as my beautiful cousin will now here to forth be called, came up with the idea of blogging. Not only could we communicate with each other more often about what we really needed to talk about, but we could share it with the world to aid in the healing of our souls. No. Really we thought it would be funny. There is some truth in the healing of the soul words, though. Sometimes you just have to get things out. You cannot let them live inside and fester. So she came up with the blog name because that is who we are and what we deal with. We definitely could not write under our real names, so we decided on pseudonyms. We considered various names. Thelma and Louise was too cliche. Bonnie and Clyde would have been cool if one of us were a man. Lucy and Ethel was definitely considered. In the end, we decided "Frenchy" and "Rizzo" from the Pink Ladies on Grease would be great since they came the closest to our personalities. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am "Rizzo". 
I am sure there will be much more to come from the both of us. Until then, have a good night and check out our Facebook page, The Crazy Mothereffers

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