Monday, March 11, 2013

Frenchy's Follies... This is me.

Who are these CRAZY MOTHEREFFERS that started this blog?? Let me give you some background about me.

                     37 years young, former fatty, parents divorced when I was 12, which pretty much fucked up my teens. Started working in my field (customer service oriented) when I was 16, married at 24, worked my way up the ladder and opened up my own business (same field) at 26. I had my first baby boy at 29, second boy at 32, separated at 34. Had a huge health ordeal and two crazy ass surgeries at 35 that has made working in the field I love not possible and changed my life forever. So now I just tell people what to do instead of working along side them :) I have an amazing boyfriend Doody, who has two young boys too. Clearly I am surrounded by way too much testosterone, and CM's, the teenage years will be super fucking interesting! I like talking, shopping, botox, hair color, food, cooking and sex. Yes I said sex. Not sure why so many gals don't wanna do it but I sure like it. I mean, I'm in my prime, I need to get it while the gettings good! Plus I feel ok about myself, I've managed to eat healthier and look better than I ever have (I said FORMER fatty) and no I don't exercise. Exercising is the devil. And I hate outside. Unless I'm in Mexico or Hawaii sipping fruity drinks on a white sand beach. I like that kind of outside! I'm a priss but remarkably down to earth. I have friends of all types, dirt poor to rolling in the dough. If you are cool I'll be your friend. I help other people waaaaaaay too much, I get walked on more than a damn sidewalk. I'm trying to put myself first. I'm using this blog as my voice to speak out on what pisses me off or share funnyhaha's with you folks. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, Mothereffer's!

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