Monday, March 11, 2013

Rizzo's Ramblings

OK. SO I guess you are wondering what kind of blog this is going to be. Just how crazy are we talking here? Let me give you an idea....
Rizzo had a sister who was a heroin/narcotic addict. We will call her Jackass. Jackass was your typical drug addict. She did whatever she had to do in order to put drugs first in her life. Keep in mind that this was Rizzo's older sister. Someone she was supposed to look up to and take advice from under normal circumstances. Jackass hit so many bottoms in her life that no one (and I do mean no one) would come to her aid. No one, that is, except for Rizzo. Rizzo was put into some crazy situations. Like dealing with the FBI because of Jackass' prescription fraud. Speaking on numerous occasions to bounty hunters. Being arrested on false charges trumped up by Jackass because she was mad at Rizzo. At some point (after having to kick Jackass out numerous times) Rizzo had had enough. Rizzo cut Jackass off. No more talking on the phone, no more driving to rescue her, just no more. This communication breakdown lasted maybe 6 to 8 months. Then one day Rizzo gets a call from the father that she shares with Jackass. Jackass is in the hospital. Jackass has had a heart attack. Can Rizzo please call the hospital in the far away county Jackass is in to find out what the hell is going on. Rizzo wants to know why Dad or Jackass' kids can't do it. They don't want to have to deal with Jackass in case it is just a trick. Rizzo knows how to handle Jackass and certainly doesn't mind throwing her drug riddled ass out. Rizzo called. Jackass did NOT have a heart attack. JAckass MIGHT HAVE a blockage. Jackass MIGHT HAVE to have a cardiac cath. Jackass did no such thing. This is how Rizzo begins talking to Jackass again. Several times a day Jackass would call and tell Rizzo how wonderful \things were going. Jackass had a job. Jackass was not taking anything anymore. Well, except for her prescribed medications, but she needed those for her nerves and her liver pain. (yeah right) Jackass had a wonderful boyfriend. Then one day Jackass called with some bad news. One of her roommates friends was jealous of Jackass. Because Jackass was beautiful (she was) and smart (that too) and Jackass just generally had it going on. Rizzo knew this to be code for - we are running out of drugs and somehow I have more than everybody else. They now want them and will do anything in their power to get them including threatening my job, home, etc. The roommates friend had called Jackass' employer and informed them that Jackass was on crack. Jackass was fired. Jackass was not getting along with said roommate  Jackass needed a place to go. Rizzo had learned that lesson. Rizzo told Jackass to go back to a shelter, get a new job, and get her own place. Like she had done before. A few days later Jackass called with phone numbers to shelters, women's centers, and halfway houses. Jackass was ready and willing to go. She just needed to find a place that had an opening. It would only take a few days. Rizzo has a clause in her lease that says she cannot move people into her apartment. Rizzo thanked all that was holy for that clause that day. The following Sunday Jackass called and said she was in trouble. Her roommate may try to kill her. Her roommate had been doing some illegal things and Jackass had called and reported her. Jackass gave Rizzo the roommates birth date and social security number over the phone while Rizzo grocery shopped. Rizzo told Jackass she didn't have a pen. Rizzo blew Jackass off because Jackass was high. That night Rizzo's husband Gets a call. His father is not going to make it. Jackass calls a few hours later to give her condolences. Jackass is upset. She knew Rizzo's father in law very well. Jackass continued to call all day (Monday) until eight thirty that night. By eight thirty it was obvious Jackass had been self medicating. Rizzo consoled Jackass over the death and got off the phone exhausted. Tuesday morning Rizzo gets a call from Jackass' oldest daughter. Jackass is dead. She was found face down in her roommates kitchen floor. Homicide is suspected. Rizzo must handle all the funeral arrangements while she is at the funeral of her father in law. Literally. No one gave any input. Jackass did not have burial or life insurance. Rizzo and Jackass' father had to pay for the funeral out of pocket from the inheritance he had just received from his father's death. Rizzo decided on cremation for its cost effectiveness. Rizzo got the cold shoulder from ALL Jackass' daughters for that one. But they did not bother to say anything when the decisions were being made. They even helped to pick out the urns! It took 6 months for Rizzo to get an autopsy report and death certificate from the state medical examiner. Jackass overdosed. It was deemed accidental. Jackass now sits atop Rizzo's bookcase in an urn.



  1. Jackass is the equivalent of my dad. xoxo

  2. Sorry to hear that. It is very hard to deal with when someone you love so much makes so many bad decisions. I will be keeping you in my thoughts! Much love to you! -R-