Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rizzo's Ramblings... I call bullshit

So one of our local news anchors posted a status on Facebook saying that Kroger tracks all her purchases so she was going to interview a senator and ask how the government could decide whether to increase or decrease a person's benefits without tracking their purchases and knowing what they buy. That immediately pissed me off. She is in the "small government" "trickle down" line of thinking, and yet she wants the government to track and monitor what people buy with their food stamps. She posts all the statuses allowing people to bitch and complain about their tax dollars helping people buy food. Now those same people want to pay for this program. And you know damn good and well it's going to cost a helluva lot of money. Doesn't this go along with the NSA reading everyone's email? But, as long as the government is monitoring what groceries the less fortunate buy then its ok? I'm getting sick and tired of people not minding their own god damn business. If I hear another person whine because "the person in front of me bought a steak" or "the person in front of me had an iPhone" or "the person in front of me drove a nice car" I'm liable to kill someone. No one knows WHY a person gets assistance. Maybe they just lost their job. Maybe they work 2 jobs and have decent credit. Maybe the car or the iPhone was a gift. Maybe that god damn steak was the only one they will get all month. People need to start worrying about their lives and their dinner table and stop worrying about everyone else's. If they want to piss money away then instead of paying the government to monitor more shit that is none of their business they should donate it to a charity. And by the way, a cash register will kick out something that is not "eligible" for food stamps so that a person has to pay cash for it. If she is concerned about how the government will decide how much or how little food stamps a person will get then I have a solution. They can look at the cost of food, the person's income, and the number of people in the family and make a fucking common sense decision. Last time I checked common sense was free!!!

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