Monday, August 12, 2013

Frenchy's Follies... "Shine On" Blog Award

Frenchy here from The Crazy Mothereffers!!!! Thank you Saltwater Sessions for the "Shine On" blog award! I've been busier than a one-armed pimp at a bitch slapping contest but IMMA still do this ;) Here are the rules....

Step 1: Repost the "Shine On" picture above
Step 2: Link your blog post back to the person who awarded it to you (Thank you Saltwater Sessions)
Step 3: Seven facts about me:
Step 4: Award 15 of your favorite bloggers that haven't yet been awarded by anyone else!
 Seven Facts about me.....
1: I opened a hair salon when I was 26.
2: I just started wearing dresses this year.
3: I'm addicted to sushi.
4: I look horrible as a blonde.

5: I've never been on Pinterest or played Candy Crush!

6: I do not go into REM sleep naturally, therefore if I go to sleep without an alarm in a very dark room my brain and body wants to sleep for extremely long periods.

7: I stress out wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much.

Riz, my dear cousin and co-admin on the page tagged some bloggers in her award acceptance, I will tag a few of my favorites as well!!!! Congrats!

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