Friday, May 3, 2013

Rizzo's Ramblings...It's been a while

It has been a few weeks since I have posted a blog. Not because there is nothing going on in my life, but because I went back to work. It isn't something I had planned on doing. Not that we don't need the money. We ALWAYS need the money, I just had not planned on going back. I work for my step daughter as a housekeeper cleaning motel rooms. It's a little bitty hole in the wall motel mostly used by truckers and people pulling off the interstate for a few hours rest before the get back on the road. I went back because the two housekeepers she had quit without notice. That made me the only one. So, I have been working six days a week. The money is not spectacular. I don't get paid by the hour, I get paid per room. $3.50 for every checkout and $1.75 for stayovers. So, in other words, I get paid three dollars and fifty cents to strip and remake 2 queen beds, take out all the trash, dust, scrub a sink toilet and bathtub, mop the bathroom floor, and vacuum. That doesn't include the idiots who feel like they can trash the place because someone is getting paid to clean up after them. It really is a dirty job. In the past two weeks I have cleaned over a hundred rooms. So that's 200 beds changed, 100 toilets scrubbed, 100 bathtubs scrubbed, 100 bathroom sinks and counters wiped down, 100 floors mopped, 100 floors vacuumed, 200 trash and emptied, 100 dressers dusted, 200 nightstands dusted, etc etc. I have been getting Fridays off. In three weeks I have had three days off. That is usually the day I clean MY house. Today I just can't do it. I'm tired. My back hurts. I have bruises on my knees from scrubbing bathtubs (when I lean over the side my knees hit the edge of the tub). On the bright side, I have lost ten pounds. I'm pretty sure that is the only bright side! So, the next time one of you guys check into a motel room do someone a favor and try to hit the trash can when you throw your trash away. Or try NOT to piss in the bathtub (how does that happen anyway?). Better yet, if your kid isn't completely potty trained put a pull up on them even though you aren't the one who has to change the sheets in the morning. And for God's sake LEAVE A TIP!! No one does and it really sucks. If people don't start appreciating their housekeepers they may just find their sheets dirty and their sinks full of hair. Just sayin'! This has been a PSA for housekeepers everywhere...

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  1. Wow... that's a lot of work for little pay. You've changed how I look at the hotel housekeepers. I do tip, but I'll be increasing it. Put your feet up and relax Rizzo- you deserve it! ~ The Composer